Betix dApp Update on April

2 min readApr 1, 2023

The development process of Betix v1 dApp is going in full speed, and we are proud to announce that we have almost completed the UI of initial application. All this is taking a bit more time than we thought at first, but it will be worth the wait, currently planned launch date is 25th of April, 2023.

New ideas are generated on daily basis by Betix Team and we are proud to announce some updates for the application.

How the dApp will work?

The workflow of the current dApp can be viewed on the image below.

Workflow of Betix dApp

Users will be able to connect to their wallets and set their username, profile picture, some bio and more information — once it is done, they are ready to publish the predictions on the Betix dApp.

Each user will have their own profile link which can be sent on a different channels, the most tips are sold on Telegram groups/DMs at the moment without any guarantee of getting the pick — on Betix there is no way you would get scammed if you decide to buy a sports/crypto prediction from anyone around the world.

All tips will be validated by Betix Admins in order to be approved on the site, this will guarantee that users will receive the full information of 100% ongoing event.

Anyone from anywhere will have full access to all Betix tipsters on the site, where you will be able to analyze each of them before buying the prediction to make the best outcome from the bought prediction.

How to sell my predictions & can I earn from it?

There will be no restrictions for selling your own predictions on Betix dApp, all you need to have is a BEP-20 crypto wallet and prediction in mind.

You can set the price for your prediction as you like, but keep in mind platform fee will be 20% of each sold prediction, the rest amount you will receive immediately after someone buys a prediction from you.

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